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Thoughts on Turning 50, Finding Tina

December 27, 2013

2 more days till the big 50!! And although nothing really special planned, I take it as if it is a new leaf being turned. Never married, no children and although detour sent and someone upstairs chose me to take on new challenges, I take each and every challenge as a HUGE opportunity. And opportunities do bring lots of excitement and variety don’t they? All just a reminder that it is important to be slower and maybe use my creative side more too.

I remember a good friend who in Sept. 2011 it was confirmed that I was not wrong, there was a chosen confirmation for me of MS and although it chose me, it will never have me and it was a reminder that each and every day is a step up the mountain and it has allowed me to learn the execution of two very important things: Spiritual and Health. Without those 2 things, nothing else matters, does it? And in ending, God only chooses those he knows can handle things which another friend reminded me of. It and a reminder also sent my way was this video of Helen Reddy, singing “I am Woman.” I love this song and guess what, she has purple on too.

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